Friday, March 04, 2005

Update on GR

I haven't heard from GR lately. But he did call one of his young friends a few days ago just to say hi for a few minutes. As I get updates I will post them here.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Blanket of Contempt

the world as we know it is diseased, and our children but androgenous human cultivar, grown not raised. their need to resist bred out of them and sence of individuality stunted. our future is a biproduct of societies need to meet the requirements of the media's view on what people should be not what they are. a beautiful rant i think. i hate society as a whole, there aren't enough people who just are, and too many trying to be. sorry, acting smart again. i bet you'd never believe i only have a ninth grade education.

Friday, January 21, 2005

A few thoughts to share!

so i stand before myself once more soul torn from my flesh
lying dead in the floor my mangled form struggling to hold on to what i've lost
my life is an empty grave the streets we walk are paved in politics it's almost enough to make me sick
force feeding these people the american dream only to make our ideals seem more apealing to them
but all in vein they aren't willing to fight for somthing they didn't ask for and like me are being whored out to fight for something they don't want----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
here we stand apart from men we the ones who fight and die christening the battlefield with the blood of our enemies
we shall beg not for forgiveness but only hope that we should live to bring the fight to them
we have found rightiousnes in our sins and will fight until we die for this is the nature of men who long for peace
we have found our peace behind us so we drive on embracing death clinging tenatiously to our humanity
for without it we would become what we hate
alas in the end we will stand before the ashes of our enemies and morn them for there will be no one else to fight---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

the blankness of these pages frightens me
milky white and un touched like a virgin pure and afraid
willing to take all that i have to offer as long as i make the first move to commit,
a slow stoke of the pen drug softly against a thin blue line
as soft curves meet smooth lines forever changed by my hand
the story of my world will unfold before you all at the tips of your fingers thanks to the tip of my pen----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------